Pascals wager

If we choose to believe and are right, we win eternal bliss. If we are wrong, we lose little. If we choose not to believe and are right we cannot win anything. -> Much to gain, little to lose - on should bet one Gods existence.
Blaise Pascal

Hume´s guillotine

We can not derive an ´ought´- from an ´is´-statement. -> The world of value is separated from the world of fact.
David Hume

Plato´s cave

We humans are like prisoners in a cave seeing only shadows on walls of figures that are put before an artificial light source. -> The visible world of our constantly changing everyday experience cannot be the world of truth which is perfect and unchanging.

Cogito ergo sum

While trying to think everything false, there is still this ´I´ who is thinking. -> I am thinking, therefore I exist.
René Descartes